Leadership under fire

by Captain Marco Kroon, Knight of the Military Order of William

 Details of  publication

Title                                         Leadership under fire

Author                                    Marco Kroon

Publisher                                UHB publishers

Price in the Netherlands         EUR 18.95

ISBN                                      9789082003604

Pages                                      176, including full color photographs

Website                                  www.leiderschapondervuur.nl

‘Captain Marinus Johannes Kroon was awarded the Military Order of William for bravery, leadership and loyalty (…). This honor was not awarded for a single feat but for his actions as a leader, as a serviceman and as a human being, throughout the mission.’

Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands during the presentation of the Military Order of William to M.J. Kroon, Captain of the Infantry.

 Captain Marco Kroon, Knight of the Military Order of William

Captain Marco Kroon (1970), former member of the Special Forces, is bearer of the Military Order of William. This is the oldest and highest military honor bestowed by the Kingdom of the Netherlands for bravery, leadership and loyalty, the equivalent of the Medal of Honor and the Victoria Cross. Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands bestowed this honor on Kroon for his actions as a leader, as a serviceman and as a human being during a series of extremely difficult missions as commander of a counter terrorism unit in Afghanistan, in 2006.  Captain Marco Kroon is the only Knight of the Military Order of William currently in active duty. At present, he is Company Commander of Charley ‘Bears’ Company of the 17th Armoured  Infantry Battalion ‘Prinses Irene’ Fusilier Guards Regiment (17 Painfbat).


Leadership under fire

In Leadership under fire, Captain Marco Kroon shares his ideas on personal and military leadership. The first night of Operation Perth, during which together with members of the Australian Special Air Service the Dutch Special Forces were surrounded in the Chora valley by an overwhelming enemy force, is a common thread  that runs throughout the book. During this night, with the words, ‘Request danger close mission!’, Marco Kroon called in air support from an American AC-130 Gunship, to fire on his own troops. Thanks to his request and the immediate response from the gunship, Marco Kroon saved the lives of his men. He later said of the action, ‘The Americans fought alongside us’. ‘Stay low boys, God bless you’ are words that will forever remain engraved in his memory.

Leadership under fire was written against the background of Kroon’s military experience as a member and commander of the Special Forces, engaged in counter terrorism. The lessons tried and tested in practice by the Netherlands’ most highly decorated commander can be valuable for every one of us as a leader and as a human. The foreword was written by Lieutenant-General Mart de Kruif, Commander of the Royal Netherlands Army and former ISAF commander for Southern Afghanistan (Regional Command South). The postface is by retired General Peter van Uhm, ex-Chief of Defense. The book is illustrated with 16 pages of unique and personal photographic material. Leadership under fire is now part of the curriculum at the Royal Military School (KMS).



Lieutenant-General Mart de Kruif, Commander of the Royal Netherlands Army

Leadership under fire is unique thanks to its author and his decoration. It is unique for having been written from practical experience, and it is above all unique because it demonstrates what leaders and men can achieve in circumstances that defy description in words. Those achievements are perfectly personified by Marco Kroon himself. Marco is after all not only a hero for his actions in Afghanistan, but he is above all also a leader with the courage to develop further as an individual who refuses to accept stagnation. This makes him a true leader and that in turn makes this book compulsory reading. Depending on your profession, it deserves a place in your rucksack or on your bedside table. The lessons it contains, however, are something you must make part of yourself.’



General Peter van Uhm (retired), ex-Chief of Defense

‘Captain Marco Kroon (Knight of the Military Order of William) is a highly experienced and expert commander of troops. Drawing from that expertise and experience, he has written this book on leadership. It is both his and my personal opinion that every professional is obliged to continuously strive to improve. To help achieve that goal, he wishes to share his unique experiences. These are inspiring lessons that have earned a place in the mental baggage of every young leader both in the military world and beyond. The book also offers a unique insight into the world of the armed forces, and in particular the world of commando troops.’





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